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Rezervace vozů v zahraničí
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Terms & Conditions


A deposit is payable when the car is picked up to cover the estimated charges for the rental. We accept all major credit cards, which can be used to cover the deposit amount. Customers wishing to pay in cash will be required to leave a credit card deposit, which will be fully refunded at the end of the rental period if the vehicle is properly and in time returned.

Length of rental

Our advantageous weekend rates are effective for pick up after 13.00 on Friday and return to the same branch by 9.00 the following Monday. For further information please contact nearest location. One rental day is 24 hours which is the minimum rental period. Additional hours are charged at one third of the daily rate up to three hours, thereafter the full daily rate will be applied.

Age limits

Minimum age is 18.

Driving licence

When the car is picked up, the renter must produce a full current driving licence that has been valid for at least one year.

Rent it here - leave it here

There is no extra charge for rentals terminating at any Dvorak office in the Czech Republic. For rentals terminating at Dvorak station outside CZ a drop off charge will be applied. Please check the drop off charge at any Dvorak office in CZ or SK.

Rental going abroad

Please note special conditions for going into foreign countries. Your nearest Dvorak station will be pleased to inform you.

Our driving restrictions

No vehicles may leave the Czech Republic without prior consent of Dvorak Rent A Car - Dvorak Rent A Car s.r.o. Driving to the countries of the ex-Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Romania and ex-Yugoslavia exeption for Slovenia is your full responsibility.

Additional fee
Refuelling charge gasoline missing... [1 l]50.00 CZK
Prepaid full tank of gasoline [1 l]30.00 CZK
Drop off charge [1 km]25.00 CZK
Airport surcharge400.00 CZK
Rental beyond the opening hours480.00 CZK
Dvorak Rent A Car, Palac Vltava, Revolucni 25, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic, e-mail: office@dvorakrentacar.cz
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